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Project Cost Estimate Form — WPR Indexing Service

Publishing houses often have their own index style sheets they prefer using. In lieu of a pre-existing style sheet the following decisions will need to be made concerning the composition of the index. Embedded indexes are restricted to the style guidelines available for a particular program (Adobe InDesign CS, Adobe PageMaker 6.5 or Microsoft Word.).


Project information:




 Email: ___________________________________

 Company: ________________________________

 Index type: Back of book / InDesign CS / PageMaker / Word 

 Notes: ______________________________________________


 Date: _______________________

 Date sample pages sent for review: __________________

 Date to provide cost estimate: ______________________

 Quote: $____________

 Date index due: _________________________________

 Date Payment due: ______________________________

Notes: ________________________________________


Format type:

 _____ indented style:


Example – Indented style

     changing colors, 22
     changing individual lines, 21
     changing paragraphs, 23
     changing typeface (fonts), 21
     globally recompose, 38


Format type:

 _____ run-in style:


Example – Run-in style

text: changing colors, 22; changing individual lines,
21; changing paragraphs, 23; changing typeface
  (fonts), 21; globally recompose, 38


Alphanumeric arrangement: 

 _____ letter-by letter [CMS}

 _____ letter-by letter [ISO}

Example – letter-by-letter

gas burners
gas engines
gas heating
gas pipes
gas supply
gas turbines
gas welding
Gaspé peninsula
gastric juice


Alphanumeric arrangement: 

 _____ word-by-word [CMS]

 _____ word-by-word [ISO]

Example – word-by-word

gas burners
gas engines
gas heating
Gaspé peninsula
gas pipes
gas supply
gastric juice
gas turbines
gas welding


Main heading format: 

 _____ Capitalize first letter of first word in main heading.

 _____ Capitalize first letter of all primary words in main heading.

 _____ Capitalize all  letters of all  words in main heading.

 _____ Capitalize only proper nouns and names in main heading.


Output formats available:

  ____RTF (no Headers)
  ____RTF (Spaces)
  ____RTF (Tabs)
  ____Text (ASCII)
  ____Quark Xpress
  ____Microsoft Word


Cross-reference formatting options: (Main Headings & Subheadings)

 See: ______         see reference
          ______         See reference
          ______        . see reference
          ______        . See reference
          ______        [see reference]
          ______        [. See reference]
 See also: ______       see also reference
                  ______        See also reference
                  ______       . see also reference
                  ______       . See also reference
                  ______       [see also reference]
                  ______       [. See also reference]

Cross-reference text formatting options.

   _____       Italics
   _____       Underline
   _____       Bold
   _____       None

Cross-reference placement options.

   _____       First
   _____       Last
   _____       Top
   _____       Bottom

Selecting TOP will mean that cross-references entered as subentries will appear at the top of the subheading list.
Selecting BOTTOM will mean those entered as subentries will appear at the bottom of the subheading list.

Page range format: treatment of sequential locators (page numbers)

 ______  NO abbreviation: inclusive page numbers expressed in full ... 232–239, 1189–1204.

 ______ Compressed (elided).  Please state preference or list reference to be followed.



Levels of subheadings allowed:

 ____   One

 ____   Two

 ____  Three

Additional material to be indexed:

 ____  Endnotes
Display material
 ____  Other ___________________

Size limitations:

 ____  Page dimensions
 ____  Pages available for index

  Lines per page/index
 ____  Other ____________________


Delivery methods for incoming project:

 _____  Hard copy via delivery service.
Electronic copy plus hard copy via delivery service.
Electronic copy only – I print hard copy – .06/page

Acceptable incoming electronic file formats:

Adobe InDesign .indd
Adobe PageMaker: .t65; .p65
 HTMl: .html
 Microsoft Word: .doc
 PDF:    .pdf
 RTF:    .rtf
 SKY:    .skx


Delivery methods for completed index:

 ____  Email/FTP delivery – no charge.
Floppy disk or CD – actual cost.
Hard copy shipped via your choice carrier: actual cost.


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