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The First Three Books in the James Knight & Henrietta Hardin Series.


Chapter One 

Run Weasel Run by Horace Shoerr

Defecting Russian FSB agent, Nicoli Lenin, arrives in America with a stolen CD that could make him very rich–or very dead–depending on who gets to him first. Russian assassins, Japanese sleepers, local minutemen and some mighty grumpy wildlife are all that stand between Nicoli and his life in the promised land. Even cousin Joey from Las Vegas isn't covering this point spread.

eBook: $  4.99

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Chapter One 

The Bear Fax by Horace Shoerr

A “Top Secret President’s Eyes-Only” report is stolen from the White House. The president thinks there might have been a section dealing with possible alternatives to World War Three. With the FBI about to be excommunicated over a brothel raid gone bad, the call goes out for the DOGs to make the retrieval. Hollywood hooligans, rousted Rangers and a powerless pet park prove to be no match for Henrietta and her Turkey loving partner.

eBook:   $  4.99

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Chapter One

A Golden Opportunity by Horace Shoerr

A file is filched directly off the FBI computers. Then the Director herself goes missing. The purloined plan details a nefarious plot to steal tons of gold from Fort Knox with the free-lancing forty-niners apparently being aided by renegade FBI agents. The call goes out to "Send in the DOGs. I want the file, the director and the gold — but not necessarily in that order. Lose the wolves and who exactly is flying this thing?"

 eBook:  $  4.99

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