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Anne Pottger and Les Riley

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Anneke is eleven when Japan joins the Axis. She is the oldest of Toet and Dick Pottgerís four young children. With love and understanding, she tells the warm, inspiring story of her motherís valiant effort to nurture and guide them through four years fraught with danger as Japanese prisoners of war in the Dutch East Indies.


The world as we knew it came to an end one sunny June morning when an Indonesian policeman walked through our gates and handed Mommy official Japanese notice of our internment. Pets, clothing and any furniture we could transport would be permitted in the camp.

Close to tears, we wandered around the yard wondering why we were being sent to prison. The men in our family were in Camp because they were Dutch and had worked for the Netherlands government and fought in the Army. Why were the Japanese sending women and children to Camp? We had obeyed all their laws. Mommy had not worked for the government. She had not been in the Army. Were we being punished just for being Dutch?

"Whoever wins the war makes the rules," Mommy told us. Well, we decided, when we win the war, we will make a rule that says Japanese mothers and children do not have to go to Camp.

"The important thing to remember, children, is that the Japanese are in charge. We must all listen carefully and do whatever they ask. At once. What we would like to do is not important now. When the war is over, things will be different. Until then, we must obey the Japanese without question. We can do that, canít we? And bow low? And never look upon their faces?"




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